A Letter to Renee Swope



Dear Renee Swope,

First, before I begin, I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you. My life has been completely changed after reading your book, A Confident Heart. I have been transformed. My soul and my spirit cleansed and renewed and I am so grateful for your words of encouragement and love. It has been such a journey, and I’m so glad that I took it. Your book is a blessing to me and its one that I will hold onto and reread over and over for years to come. 

When I started the study of A Confident Heart, my life and my heart was full of doubt. I had been listening to the lies and letting it distinguish all of the confidence that I still had left. I was unemployed, and that left me thinking that no one wanted to hire me because I wasn’t good enough to work for them. I was full of worry and doubt. I had been hurt, broken, abused, and abandoned in my past and that left me feeling unworthy and useless. My life was being controlled by the voice of doubt and it was keeping me from engaging in a deeper more intimate relationship with Christ. I was living in the dark, and I just couldn’t make my way into the light. I was lacking confidence, in myself and in God.

When I started to read, the words were like medicine to my soul. Water to my thirsty body. I was filled with so much encouragement and felt a real change. As I read and we got into the deeper, more hard issues such as confronting and revisiting our past, I felt the Lord in my life like never before. He was there as I stepped into my past and dealt with the issues that left me broken and hurt. As I closed that chapter in my life, I felt a little more confident in who I was in Christ.

Chapter 8 and 9 were the two chapters that spoke to me the most. I have always struggled with knowing why God created me. Why was I here and what did I have to offer? Those questions have clung to me all through life, but when I read Chapter 8 and learned my personality types and the spiritual gifts that I have to offer the world, it really helped me to see who I was and all that I had to offer. It also really spoke to me that I do have a God given purpose here on Earth and that one day God will use me to do something that He planned. You have no idea how much perspective and encouragement that gave me. Chapter 9 was also a deep chapter for me as I am a BIG worry wart. I tend to worry about everything, and by worrying about everything, I tend to doubt and trust in God. When I read chapter 9 it really helped me see that God is in control, and that I don’t have to worry so much, because He is a great and mighty God who will provide for me. He has His eye upon me and all I need is to trust in His promises and He will come through in the end.

Another thing that really helped me was the When-Then statements. You really taught me how to take the lies from the enemy and replace them with the promises hidden in the truths found in God’s word. It is something that I will continue to do and carry with me for the rest of my life. It has helped me more that you would ever know.

I have changed so much during this study. I am no longer the woman who lets the voice of doubt control her life. Instead I am the woman who listens to the truth found in God. I let the light of God replace the darkness that I lived in for so long. I now have confidence in the woman I am becoming, and in the Lord of my life. I still have areas that I need to work on, but you taught me that since God’s love is perfect, I don’t have to be. I know live in the freedom offered from God. He broke my chains and set me free and I am now a woman with a confident heart.

Thank you from my heart to yours,
Raelene ♥


8 thoughts on “A Letter to Renee Swope

  1. Beautiful Letter. I can feel your heart in your words. Thank you for sharing how God has moved in your life and in your heart through this study of A Confident Heart. He has done a mighty work in my heart too, but to see it playing out in so many others lives as well – incredible!

  2. Beautiful Raelene. It is such a blessing getting to know you, you are an amazing women. May God continue to bless you.

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